5 Simple Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

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| 06.02.21
Cecily Kellogg

Small businesses throughout the nation started 2021 under the weight of a global pandemic and its associated restrictions. Now, with about half of US residents vaccinated and the economy strengthening, small businesses are looking for ways to make the most of the rebound.

So, what are today’s small businesses doing to better connect with customers? Fortunately, there are some strategies you can put into action now that can help you boost reach and conversions in the future.

Small Business Marketing Tips

1. Harness the power of social. For over a decade, small businesses have used social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to build a strong social media presence. A recent study, conducted by The Manifest, showed that 88% of small businesses invest in social media

Building a strong social media presence allows you to move toward several goals simultaneously.

  • It tells potential customers who you are and what you offer
  • It lets you post images that highlight your business
  • It helps you publicize time-sensitive offers and giveaways
  • It lets you highlight your corporate culture and stand on social issues
  • It helps customers interact with you and boost brand relationships

Everyone uses social media, from Boomers to Gen Z, with Millennials showing the highest rate of social media use for purchasing products. And don’t forget employment sites like Linkedin, which has added a number of social media features to its platform to help companies connect with top talent.

2. Invest in email marketing. Sometimes the tried and true methods are the best. Over half of today’s small businesses use email marketing campaigns as a key part of their digital marketing strategy. One advantage of email marketing is that you can pack more personalized content into an email than an ad—and it’s this personalization that promotes repeat business and enhances customer retention.

Some marketers turned to email campaigns during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to help bolster sales hurt by the loss of foot traffic. A well-targeted email campaign can reach potential customers at the time they’re ready to buy and can open the door to future long-term customer relationships.

3. Add a blog to your website. Your website is your company’s public face, so why not maximize its impact? Adding fresh content to your site via a company blog is a great way to begin building relationships. 

A corporate blog lets you…

  • Position yourself as an authority in your field
  • Highlight topics of interest to your readers
  • Promote time-sensitive offers or events
  • Spark interaction

Plus, a blog provides fresh new content to your site on a regular basis—weekly, monthly, or at whatever frequency you choose. And don’t forget about the back end—adding tags and metadata to your blog, along with some careful keyword placement, can boost your site’s rank in search results.

4. Discover the Power of Video. Video marketing has added a new dimension to B2B marketing. Small businesses across the nation are producing quality videos for their websites and YouTube channels

Video helps boost your web presence by…

  • Highlighting your company’s mission and goals
  • Emphasizing your corporate culture
  • Spotlighting new products or services
  • Showcasing a new facility
  • Announcing plans for growth

Whether you produce video content in-house or work with a consultant, the power of video is undeniable, and serves as a far-reaching platform that helps keep you connected to your target market.

5. Bring your digital program in-house. The economic downturn has prompted many small business owners to seek cost-cutting measures. One of these is to use in-house workers already in your employ to build and execute your digital marketing strategy. Sixty-three percent of businesses responding to The Manifest survey reported using in-house employees to craft and execute their digital marketing plans.

This approach lets you…

  • Save money on outside consultants
  • Save time—no need to train new workers
  • Use employees familiar with your brand voice to create your content

We hope these B2B small business marketing tips help you and your business make the most of the economic recovery!

About the Author

Cecily Kellogg is a digital marketing expert specializing in the B2B industry—particularly in infrastructure, chemical & pharma, and technology. For over a decade, she ran the boutique marketing agency Double Good Media before joining her current team at Percepture. She's been writing online since the internet was invented with publications ranging from parenting to pet insurance to small business—garnering millions of views. She lives in Philadelphia with her long-suffering husband, her radical teen daughter, too many cats, and a heck of a goober dog. (That's the technical term.)