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| 05.23.22
Susan G.

Wherever you are in your journey as a business owner, it may be time to find business insurance. Or maybe your business is fully insured, and you’re seeking a better business insurance experience! B2Z Insurance can meet your insurance needs as a small business owner whether your business is brand new or you’ve already put it through its paces. Here’s what makes B2Z an excellent choice to insure your small business.

How B2Z Insurance Is Built To Be Better For Your Small Business

Get a coverage decision in minutes—not days or weeks. Every business owner has been there. You gather up all your forms and proof of your business’s existence, spend your valuable time filling out very detailed information, talk to several different people on the phone, having to repeat yourself each time—and? You wait. And wait. Days pass by, maybe even weeks.

With B2Z, it’s different. While all insurance quotes need to pass through underwriter review, our process is more nimble. You will get your quote faster and with much less waiting.

Shop and purchase at your convenience—not ours. When do business owners have time? Ha, that’s funny—they don’t. Small business owners are notoriously busy. You probably wear many hats throughout the day to keep your business running. The last thing you want to do is chase down some insurance company to get a quote.

B2Z Insurance makes it more simple! You can get your quote and purchase your policy entirely online! And if you have a question, you can talk to a real human being at your convenience by scheduling a call or chat online. You can even text us! We’re transforming the small business insurance experience by being available the way you need us to be.

B2Z’s Coverage Tune-Up—understand your coverage needs from the start. We have to admit that we are very proud of our B2Z Coverage Tune-Up. It is our latest innovation to help small business owners quickly and easily understand what insurance coverage they need. The Coverage Tune-Up is always available on our homepage, and it is right in our Small Business Insurance dropdown menu.

In seven quick questions about your business, you’ll receive an informative results page to help you determine what coverage you need. Don’t worry, the questions aren’t a big time commitment or burden. We respect that you’re busy! You’ll get to the results page lickety-split.

Customizable coverage—fully protect your unique business. As of 2020, there are over 31.7 million small businesses in the US. That’s incredible! Each of those 31.7 small businesses is unique, with unique small business insurance needs. B2Z Insurance understands that your business insurance needs may be different from the business insurance needs of other businesses in your industry. We get to know your unique business and help you get the most meaningful coverage to protect it.

Flexible—choose your coverage date and payment schedule. We really strive to stay agile on your behalf. When you buy insurance from B2Z, you not only choose the coverage date you need, but you also choose your payment schedule. Some small businesses prefer to pay for their insurance annually, while others prefer the flexibility of monthly payments. Whichever suits you, B2Z is here to serve you.

Hassle-Free Cancelation—save time by having us cancel your old policy. What? Really! Yes, small business owners—we will handle all the awkwardness for you. You never have to talk to them again! We understand that some of you have had nasty experiences. Not only will you have a better experience with B2Z, but you won’t have to have more nasty experiences with your old insurer.

You may be combing through business insurance reviews right now. Maybe that’s even how you stumbled on B2Z! Perhaps you’re working to get insurance quotes from multiple companies, or you’re just curious about B2Z. We encourage you to go beyond asking, “What insurance do I need,” and ask “What business insurance experience do I want to have?” B2Z can give you that experience. We’d love to talk to you about your business insurance needs. Or get a quote online now! We’re happy to meet you.

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B2Z Insurance is a small business insurance company that provides coverage for on-the-go business owners: simple explanations, easy application, digital quotes, and mobile claims. A product that is easy-to-use and helps you assess the unique coverage needs of your business with confidence—freeing you up to grow your business.