How The SBA Digital Alliance Can Help Your Small Business

An interior design small business team considers their SBA digital opportunities.
| 06.24.22
Susan G.

In late January, the US Small Business Administration (SBA) launched a Digital Alliance to help serve and inspire small business owners across the country to expand their eCommerce efforts. You may be wondering how this alliance may help your small business. We took a look at how the SBA Digital Alliance has evolved to serve you.

SBA Digital Alliance Launched To Help Small Businesses

In order to help increase the competitiveness of the US economy; the SBA Digital Alliance was launched as a joint public-private co-sponsorship initiative. The private co-sponsor is the Business Forward Foundation, an independent research and education organization that looks at issues critical to American businesses. Business Forward works with 250,000 business leaders across the US. SBA Digital Alliance national members include household names like Google, Amazon, Meta, Paypal, Linkedin, Microsoft, Visa, and more!

The SBA Digital Alliance helps small businesses in two key ways:

  • Articles. The Digital Alliance digital tool library of articles has 92 helpful pieces of content and counting. You can find topics important to all small business members related to eCommerce like the role of valid UPCs, links to podcasts, tax compliance, starting and running an eCommerce business, and more! These are all under topic umbrellas like Attract New Customers, Enter New Markets, Manage Growth, and Digital Presence. We recommend looking at this wealth of information straight from some of the top businesses around!
  • Events. The SBA excels at hosting events. The Digital Alliance has just started its events efforts, and it has two past event webinars available for you to view. You can watch a webinar about the topic Digital Benefits: Hire, Train Retain on Youtube, and also the topic Accelerate Your Digital Transformation. We expect more webinars to be announced throughout the year.

You can register to learn about upcoming events and any new resources on the SBA Digital Alliance homepage. The Digital Alliance is here to help you scale your business for success. You can network with other small business owners on the Digital Alliance social pages—all linked on the homepage.

It can be easy to miss great resources, given the abundance of information we receive on a daily basis. We hope we’ve helped highlight this ongoing initiative that could have value for your small business. We hope you take advantage of all the free training, digital tools, and insight to help you reach new markets, improve your business operations, and raise capital.

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