How Small Businesses Can Support Each Other

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How Small Businesses Can Support Each Other

| 11.24.21
Susan G.

It’s been a long year. What I mean is, it’s been another long year. The small businesses that have made it through the past two years have likely learned that there is strength in numbers, and we’re better off together. This is especially true when it comes to helping other small businesses survive.

So what can you do if you’re a small business owner looking for ways small businesses can lift each other up? Read on for some tips!

Tips on How Small Businesses Can Help Each Other

Reach out to the neighborhood. Get your name out there on Nextdoor and local Facebook groups but don’t just make it about yourself. Introduce yourself and your business but talk about a great experience you’ve had at another local small business recently. Chances are people will have kind comments about you both or at least suggestions. Keep up the good work by looking for opportunities to mention local small businesses on other peoples’ posts.

Recommend another small business when it’s a better fit. Have a customer come in looking for something you don’t quite offer? Recommend a fellow small business that might have what they are seeking. This happened to me lately. I needed a key cut, but the machine at one business couldn’t handle the key type. They recommended another local small business that has a different kind of machine that cuts keys. Everyone wins! I remember their kindness, and I support another small business.

Organize or attend networking events. Becoming an active voice in your local chamber of commerce or networking group helps other small businesses. They learn from your experience, and you can share advice. Similarly, you can learn from them! There are also often sponsorship opportunities that help everyone get their name out there. You could take your networking group online to really support each other. Your participation matters to the whole group.

Become their customer. There is no greater compliment than choosing to become another small business’s customer! You understand how much this means to a small business. You can become acquainted with the owner this way, too! You might hit it off and have lots to offer each other. Perhaps you have services or supplies you could share to mutual benefit. Or you might have trustworthy vendors to recommend. Even better if they are a business that can become your vendor! Becoming a customer is a great stepping stone toward growing both of your businesses. Two heads are better than one!

There is so much value in supporting fellow local small businesses. It gives you a great reputation and lots of good feelings. Being connected in your community helps give your business even more meaning. With so many small businesses in the US, there are endless opportunities to inspire each other and grow.

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