How To Support Your Local Small Businesses

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How To Support Your Local Small Businesses

| 11.22.21
Susan G.

With Small Business Saturday coming up at the end of this week, we’re bringing you some tips on how to best support your local small businesses. Small Business Saturday is just one day a year but these tips will serve you year-round! 

Small businesses create more jobs than large businesses and that’s just one of the reasons we want them to stick around. There are 31.7 million small businesses in the US so they are pretty easy to find! Read on for our tips on how to support them.

Simple Tips on How to Support Small Businesses

Get social. Becoming an online advocate for your favorite small business is a great way to help them grow. They’ll love you right back! We’re talking about:

  • Posting a picture on Instagram and tagging the small business’s account
  • Tagging a friend who would also love the business on one of their Facebook posts 
  • Sharing their social posts to your page or account 
  • Showing off what you bought from the local small business on your channel 
  • Telling friends when you’ve had an excellent meal or experience from a small business
  • Leaving a positive review on Google and Facebook

Gift local. Gifting can be stressful but shopping locally and small actually makes it easier and more personal. The recipient will know you visited the small business with them in mind and that you put in some extra effort. There’s no waiting for something to come in the mail! And oftentimes a small business owner is more than happy to help you come up with the perfect gift. If you don’t have a gift in mind, small businesses can still be supported by purchasing gift cards. That’s a great way to support a small business because it might also bring them new customers!

Stay kind. Look, we’re all stressed out right now. I’d wager small business owners are especially stressed out with all the supply issues, changing safety recommendations, and anxious customers running rampant in 2021. There is so much uncertainty. A kind word or extra patience can really boost a small business owner’s day. They want you to be happy and we want them to be happy!

We wish everyone a smooth holiday shopping season and we’ll be out helping to make Small Business Saturday 2021 a success. We hope you will, too.

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