News Your Cleaning Business Can Use: Tipping And More

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| 08.05.22
Susan G.

A cleaning business can be a wonderful small business to own and grow. The field of cleaning businesses is expected to grow 10% through 2026. There is high demand for cleaning services for both homes and offices. If you are thinking of starting your own cleaning business, take a look at these tips so you can start on the right foot. Or brush up on some of these tips if you are an experienced cleaning business owner! They might be a good reminder.

Tips For Cleaning Business Success

Be realistic and clear about what can get done in your agreed-upon time. If you typically sign on a new client with a two-hour-per-week contract for house cleaning services, know what you can really get done within that time and communicate it. Don’t set yourself up for failure by overpromising. In two hours, you may be able to wipe down kitchen counters, mop the kitchen floor, vacuum the main floor without moving furniture, clean a toilet, and clean the sinks, depending on the size of the home. A more experienced cleaner can work more quickly.

Prepare a menu of services. Consider offering different set packages of services for your cleaning company. Your 2-hour package might include floors, counters, sinks, and toilets, for example. At the same time, you may want to offer an add-on package for laundry or dishes. Another strategy would be to provide a price based on the size of a home or the number of cleaners needed. Having these services priced in advance will help you avoid underpricing your services and will be most fair to your clients.

Get your business organized to complete business functions. Be ready to complete accounting and management functions, plus customer service. You’ll likely need a training component to bring on new cleaners. How will you track tax-deductible purchases? Staying organized helps keep your cleaning business running smoothly.

Don’t count on tipping. It is a complex and annoying reality. Should you be tipped? Yes. But don’t factor it into your budget, so you don’t find yourself short. Many people do not tip the business owner, even though a house cleaning business owner doing the cleaning is different than a salon owner that does not cut hair. Etiquette dictates a 15%-20% tip for each visit. We hope your clients are aware of that, but as with other tipping, it cannot be expected. You could consider requiring a gratuity on houses of a particular size or when more than one cleaner is needed. Only you know your particular clientele and what they would respond to positively or negatively.

Always arrive on time. Customers and business clients schedule around your stated start time. Make it a practice to arrive at the same time both for your business schedule and your customer’s schedule and expectation. Your reputation is on the line, and it matters.

Be thorough. If you’ve agreed to clean certain areas, clean them completely as you would your own home. This speaks to your reputation. Word of mouth is a powerful tool to expand your business and hinges on reputation.

Find your cleaning business niche. Is your market a certain neighborhood or office building? Or maybe your niche is using only green cleaners. Perhaps you’ve tapped into a network of stay-at-home moms desperately needing some extra help. Maybe you clean churches throughout the area. There are many different niches to consider that will help drive your business!

5 Tips On What Your Cleaning Business Should Avoid

  1. Avoid being inconsistent. You’ll want to provide the same level of service throughout your client relationship. If the client perceives the service as starting to slide, they will pursue finding a new cleaning business.
  2. Avoid putting belongings in the wrong place. If you’ve moved something out of the way to clean beneath it, be sure to move it back into place. 
  3. Avoid breaking possessions. This one goes without saying, but give it some forethought. Some businesses or homeowners may have fragile or delicate belongings. Decide how you can clean them without risking any breakage.
  4. Avoid being underinsured. You’ll be in someone else’s home around their belongings or an office space around equipment. So much can happen even with your best intentions in mind. A client lawsuit could devastate your business. Avoid being underinsured by trying the B2Z Coverage Tune-Up Quiz. Or learn more about insurance for cleaning businesses.
  5. Avoid taking every job. There will be nightmare customers and clients to avoid. It will be very tempting to take the job anyway, especially at the beginning. Nightmare customers could end up spitefully ruining your reputation, and it is best just to stay away.

Promoting your cleaning business is another vital part of owning this kind of small business. We have some ideas on how to promote your cleaning business for you to check out to learn some marketing for cleaning businesses. We hope these cleaning business tips will help boost your small business!

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