Simple Salon Marketing Tips For Boosting Visibility

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Simple Salon Marketing Tips For Boosting Visibility

| 05.18.21
Cecily Kellogg

If you’re in the beauty business, you already understand the importance of being noticed. With so many competitors in the salon and spa industry, your online presence is a critical tool in your effort to be seen through the crowd.

The following digital marketing tips reflect methods proven to improve your reach, boost your results in search, and better connect with potential customers.

Gather Positive Customer Reviews

One way potential customers make purchasing choices is by consulting reviews of prior customer experiences. Finding a new stylist can be tricky, and careful shoppers are going to want to know why they should choose your salon or spa over one of the others in your area. Reviews offer your potential customers a sneak peak into your business, revealing important details about your company culture, services, customer care, and skill level of your stylists.

When it comes to personal services, ratings matter, and a potential customer is likely to be positively influenced by both ratings of 4+ stars and a good selection of new reviews. So check your presence on Yelp and other consumer review sites and see what people are saying about you. Consumer reviews that mention specific services can even boost your results in search by providing contextual keywords within their reviews.

Harness The Power Of Social Media For Your Salon

Social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter offer salon businesses like yours an array of spectacular marketing opportunities. 

  • Showcase your facility
  • Use images to show before and after pics of satisfied salon clients
  • Highlight your best styles, and your best stylists!
  • Publicize time-sensitive discounts, deals, and offers
  • Advertise specialty items, like holiday gift baskets

Maintaining an active social media presence is also a great way to connect with potential clients—answering their questions and addressing any concerns they may have. Bonus tip: Try improving your social reach with some timely ads or boost new blog articles (i.e. sponsored content). Boosting your presence on sites like Facebook can greatly broaden your overall reach.

Gain Visibility, While Staying True To Your Brand

Digital marketing is a great way to boost brand recognition and awareness. You likely already have a brand image for your salon, so you’ll want to convey this visually with consistent color scheme and logo branding. 

You may also want to offer your customers more ways to connect with you online and access your services. Some salons are using these features with great success:

  • Booking appointments online
  • Listing prices for specific services on your website
  • Publicizing time-limited deals
  • Digital menu of offerings and prices

Publicize Your Salon’s Special Events

With the nation’s retail businesses reopening under relaxed COVID-19 guidelines, now’s the time to begin planning special events again. And what better way to publicize them than online. Use the power of social media and well-placed ads to put your message before consumers at the time they’re ready to buy. 

Also, if you’re open to hosting group spa parties (or something similar), publicizing the availability during off-peak times could help boost your traffic to your salon and introduce your services to build new customer relationships that go beyond the party. 

Connect With Local Salon Customers

Since the salon industry depends on in-person appointments, most of your business is likely from your local geographic area. So why not use the power of local press and media sources to boost your business. One idea: print discount coupons in local publications to increase your foot traffic. This can be especially helpful around prom/graduation season, when everyone wants to look great!

Launch A Website Chatbot

While not a replacement for person-to-person interaction, chatbots are a great way to engage with consumers and answer some basic questions without the need for involving a staff member. Not only can chatbots answer simple questions, they can also guide consumers to appointment-setting screens. Chatbots are also a way to connect customers seeking more information with a salon representative. Tip: In general, website and customer relationship software has chatbot integration potential. It may be as easy as adding a plug-in for your website.

Send An Email Newsletter

Want to keep your community informed of your activities—from gatherings and charity events to special salon deals? Send a newsletter to your loyal customers each month, and keep them in the loop on the latest styles, products, and sales. A newsletter is also a great way to publicize changes, such as shop renovations or new staff hires. It’s also a great way to get back in front of customers that may have dropped off the schedule over time.

We hope you find these tips useful. B2Z Insurance is committed to helping small businesses like yours thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. 

About the Author

Cecily Kellogg is a digital marketing expert specializing in the B2B industry—particularly in infrastructure, chemical & pharma, and technology. For over a decade, she ran the boutique marketing agency Double Good Media before joining her current team at Percepture. She's been writing online since the internet was invented with publications ranging from parenting to pet insurance to small business—garnering millions of views. She lives in Philadelphia with her long-suffering husband, her radical teen daughter, too many cats, and a heck of a goober dog. (That's the technical term.)