Top 10 Social Media Tips For General Contractors

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| 12.19.22
Susan G.

You’re busy juggling everything it means to be a general contractor, and social media marketing may not be top of mind. Social media can be considered a time investment in the future of your business since it is free to have social media channels. Since time is often minimal, we’re making it easier for you by presenting ten helpful tips on managing social media as a construction contractor.

The Best Social Media Tips For General Contractors

Show off your brand’s personality. Is your business based on a reputation of buttoned-up perfection, or is your brand personality more down to earth? Social media is the best place to express the personality of your general contracting business. Some customers are looking for straightforward, no-nonsense general contractors, while others prefer someone more lighthearted. Your social media posts should reflect how you run your business. Share funny pics and memes if you’re game! Just steer clear of politics and religion.

Share before and afters. You’re probably working on some projects of great interest to potential customers. Get your current customers’ permission to share a before and after of their space!

Post consistently. All big social media channels (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn) advise you to post at least weekly, and consistently. Try experimenting with a few hashtags on your posts relevant to the content you are posting. Hashtags indicating your location and line of business are beneficial.

Come up with a calendar of posts. Rip off the bandaid and sit down to plan a month at a time. Trust me; it makes it all easier. You can schedule your posts in advance using the free version of a tool like Hootsuite or even through the social media channels themselves in some cases.

Prioritize your social media channels. Some channels will be more meaningful than others. If you do commercial construction projects, Linkedin may be valuable. Most likely, Facebook will be necessary, and it works in concert with Instagram, which helps. You can post to Instagram and push it to Facebook. It’s okay to stick with one or two channels for simplicity’s sake. Keep your customer market in mind—where would they likely see your content?

Post Testimonials. Ask your best customers for a testimonial and turn them into weekly or monthly posts! Put your logo on the image. For example, a graphic designer from Fiverr can give you a testimonial template!

Expand to a blog. If you have a knack for sharing a how-to, take advantage by writing blogs and sharing them on social media! These will not chip away from your business because the DIY crowd wouldn’t come your way anyway. It does get your name out there for people who would hire a general contractor for their projects and gives DIYers someone to share if their friends are looking.

Demonstrate a skill. With your construction background, you have helpful skills and tips to share. Consider a weekly or monthly tip in short video form. Capture how you remove a stripped screw or handle a popped nail, for example.

Talk about your tools. Which tools are your tried and true favorites? Spotlight them! Even if you don’t stick with one brand. People would be interested in this background information!

Introduce yourself. Take advantage of bio spaces on social media to talk about yourself and your business. Do an introductory post (or re-introduce yourself if you’ve neglected a current channel for a while), so it can sit on your social media page for people newly interested in your work. Once you have that post up, go ahead and encourage friends and family to follow your channels. You’re also ready to engage with people on community pages on Facebook! 

Social media doesn’t have to be a time-consuming burden. You need not feel pressured to be super clever or creative. Just put yourself out there and keep posting. Consistent posting will help potential customers understand that your business is credible. Good luck!

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