Small Business Insurance

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Do I Need Small Business Insurance?

Being a small business owner gets more complicated all the time. What would happen if a cybercriminal targeted your business? Or a customer sued after falling on your business property? What would you do if a fire damaged your equipment? Without the right small business insurance coverage, any one of these incidents could spell disaster for your small business. At B2Z, we want to make sure your business can survive these types of unexpected costs by having the right coverage.

Insurance for small business owners helps protect your investment. B2Z is your one-stop shop for insurance coverage! We know the potential cost of small business insurance is of concern. The cost depends on your business and the coverage that would give you the most peace of mind. B2Z offers the right kind of coverage for your unique small business.

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What Does Business Insurance Cover?

There are different types of small business insurance to consider, and each type covers different scenarios. Having insurance that covers you for a wide range of potential issues is necessary to be able to focus on growing your business. The following types of coverage will meet your small business's basic needs:

Business Owner's Policy (BOP)
Workers' Compensation
Cyber Insurance
Professional Liability
Hired and Non-Owned Automobile Insurance (HNOA)

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Business Owner's Policy

The convenience of commercial property and general liability insurance bundled together in one policy. This popular policy covers a broad range of contingencies: property damage to your office and its contents, theft of equipment, damage to a client's property caused by yourself or your employees, lost income due to a covered event, injuries to clients while in your office, and lawsuits that arise from advertising claims. Yes, all of that in one policy!

Workers' Compensation

Most states require this coverage. Workers' comp helps pay for medical bills and lost wages if an employee is injured on the job or suffers an illness as a result of the job. It also eliminates your business's liability if the injured worker files a lawsuit. Not carrying this mandatory type of insurance for your small business may result in harsh penalties and fines.

...And Other Policies

Professional liability insurance helps pay for legal fees and damages if a client sues for financial losses. Having this coverage means you won't have to worry about closing your business due to professional mistakes. Cyber insurance helps guard against the effects of any type of cyber attack. And HNOA insurance helps protect your business if you or your employees ever rent or use your own cars for business purposes.

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