Texas Business Owner’s Policy

Insurance Policy for Small Business Owners in the Lone Star State

Why Should You Purchase BOP Insurance?

While Texas does not require business owners to purchase a Business Owner’s Policy (or BOP), this coverage is highly recommended for small companies. You don’t want to be without coverage in the event that your property is burglarized or damaged in a fire, you or your employees are hurt while at a client’s place of business, or someone sues your company. If these things happen, your business, your livelihood and that of your employees are jeopardized—unless you protect your Texas business with comprehensive, affordable Business Owner’s Policy coverage from B2Z Insurance.

What, Exactly, Is a Business Owner’s Policy?

A BOP is a handy combination of liability and property insurance. You get two distinct types of coverage in a single convenient, easy-to-manage and cost-effective bundle. Here is a summary of what is typically covered:

  1. Property.

    This part of the Business Owners’ Policy covers lost income due to a covered event. It pays for repair to or replacement of damaged buildings as well as destroyed or stolen inventory, permanently installed equipment and machinery, and supplies—basically anything owned and used by your business. It also covers personal property that you own and use for business, such as a personal computer.

  2. Liability.

    Business Owners’ Policy insurance protects small and mid-sized Texas businesses in the event of bodily injury to customers and lawsuits that may arise therefrom. It also covers advertising injury liability, defamation and copyright infringement. Employee illnesses and injuries are not covered under the BOP; those are covered under a Workers’ Compensation policy.

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  1. What Is Excluded from a Business Owner’s Policy?

    Several items that are not covered by a Texas BOP insurance policy can be covered by purchasing additional insurance policies or adding endorsements to your BOP. For example, professional liability, data breaches, auto insurance and workers’ compensation are not covered in the BOP but are available in separate policies. Be sure you understand what is included and excluded before purchasing any insurance policy.

  2. How Much Insurance Do I Need? What Does It Cost?

    B2Z offers affordable insurance to owners of small and mid-sized Texas businesses. We cannot provide the exact cost here because it depends upon your specific coverage needs, risks due to location and type of business, number of employees and the amount of additional coverage(s), if any, that you wish to add to your policy. B2Z Insurance is happy to work with you to understand your requirements and to provide the best options to meet them.

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