Texas Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Texas

Why Should You Purchase Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

The Lone Star State is literally the lone state when it comes to workers’ comp. Texas is the only state in the United States that does not require private employers to purchase workers’ comp insurance. However, purchasing such a policy helps protect business owners against lawsuits and the punitive damages that can result when an employee is injured while on the job. Protect your business with a cost-effective policy from B2Z Insurance, a trusted small business workers’ comp insurance company.

What, Exactly, Is Workers’ Comp Insurance?

Workers’ Compensation coverage covers medical bills and partial lost wages for employees who get sick or injured at work; it compensates the employee for economic loss; it may provide monetary benefits to the dependents of workers who are killed on the job; and it protects businesses from costly personal injury lawsuits. Texas requires companies that opt out of coverage to notify employees that they do not carry workers’ comp insurance for small business.

  1. How It Works.

    Following an injury at a Texas company, the employee may be required to undergo a medical exam, after which the company reports the injury to its insurance carrier. The insurance company pays the employee’s benefits. The Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) monitors compliance of both parties to ensure that relevant state laws are enforced, including access to a fair dispute resolution process, prompt medical care and services to help injured employees return to work.

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  1. What Are the Drawbacks for Not Carrying Workers’ Comp?

    Trying to save money by not purchasing a workers’ comp policy can cost you your entire business! That may seem like an exaggeration, but it’s not. Texas law makes defending against employee injury claims difficult. Without workers’ comp, the business owner is financially responsible for an employee’s illness, injury or death caused by ordinary negligence.

    Attempting to protect themselves by buying separate disability, liability and accident plans is no substitute for workers’ compensation insurance. Not only are these coverages more limited, but you may also end up paying more for them than for a single workers’ comp policy.

  2. How Much Insurance Do I Need? What Does It Cost?

    B2Z offers affordable insurance to small business owners in Texas. We cannot provide the exact cost here because it depends upon the specific injuries covered by the policy, the company’s claims history, the presence or absence of a safety program, the level of risk associated with various jobs as well as the state’s estimated rate. Currently, the estimated rate for workers’ comp in Texas is $0.54 per $100 of covered payroll. B2Z Insurance will work with you to understand your business needs and provide the best coverage options to meet them.

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