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Does Your Beauty Business Need Insurance?

You’ve put time and money into making your beauty business successful, and it makes sense to protect it from the ‘what ifs’ like injuries, accidents, and property damage. For example, what if your favorite customer slips on the wet floor, or an employee becomes ill at work from the use of a chemical or cleaner? What if a theft leaves you both windowless and productless? And on a larger scale, what if another building in your shopping complex starts on fire and it spreads to your beauty shop? Is your business covered for these ‘what ifs’ and other unexpected events in the life of a business?

Even surrounded by a relaxing ambiance, unforeseen happenings can impact your beauty business. Your state may mandate a certain level of coverage, but it may not be enough to fully protect your business from the financial responsibility of accidents, illnesses, and destructive events. We can help you find the right amount of coverage at the right price for your budget.

We may offer beauty insurance coverage for the following types of businesses:

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  1. Q
    Why do I need insurance for my professional beauty business?

    The explanation is straightforward: To help your business financially following catastrophic events and customer or employee accidents and illnesses. Also, your state may require a certain level of coverage. We can help you find the right coverage—it’s added peace of mind for your business.

  2. Q
    What does small business insurance cover for my beauty business?

    It depends on the coverage you select. For example, a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) includes coverage for both property and liability in one policy. Workers’ Compensation coverage, which is mandatory in most states, typically covers injuries and illnesses that may occur while your employees are performing their job duties. And based on your beauty business’ needs, you may want to add other types of coverage—such as professional liability insurance (errors and omissions)—for claims of carelessness, detrimental advice or negligence, and failing to render professional services.

  3. Q
    How do I purchase beauty business insurance?

    To receive an instant quote, click on the Request A Quote button to choose your coverage and answer a few quick questions about your business. If your business qualifies, complete your business profile, review your policy options, and make a payment to start your policy. And if you have questions along the way, reach out to our Customer Support team for answers.