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Sweep Away Any Doubts About Business Insurance

Why Should You Purchase Cleaning Business Insurance?

What happens if your employees suffer on-the-job injuries while performing strenuous cleaning tasks? Your expensive cleaning equipment is stolen? Someone at your client’s building falls because the floor is wet and the caution sign isn’t visible? You accidentally break an item of value or spill something on the carpet while cleaning? Your customer’s high-end clothing or duvet is lost or destroyed? Your business is forced to shut down due to a fire?

Those are just some of the things that can go wrong and cost your business tens of thousands of dollars or more without sufficient cleaning company insurance. B2Z customizes cleaning service insurance to help protect small cleaning service businesses from many of the things that can go horribly wrong while conducting business as usual. If you qualify, we provide your small business with affordable, personalized cleaning company insurance that protects your business and employees while meeting all your coverage needs.

We do business with the following types of cleaning service companies:

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  1. Q
    Why do I need insurance for my small cleaning business?

    Owners of small cleaning service businesses need cleaning service insurance to protect them financially in the event of accidental damage to a client’s property, injuries to clients and employees while you’re working, stolen or damaged equipment, advertising claims and more. If your cleaning business is not protected, you may be subject to large costs to replace equipment, pay medical bills or settle lawsuits, all of which may threaten the continuation of your business.

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    What does small business insurance for my cleaning company cover?

    Workers’ Compensation is not only required by almost every state but is also a good idea to have. It covers medical fees arising from employees’ on-the-job injuries and illnesses and legal fees from most lawsuits that may result. A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) that combines property and liability insurance protects your business by providing coverage for certain property damage and bodily injury events. Some cleaning business owners add optional coverages to protect against data breaches, professional liability and other losses.

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    How do I purchase small business insurance for my cleaning services business?

    We need to know a little bit about your business to determine if you qualify for our business insurance policies. Get in touch with us, and we’ll ask a few basic questions; shortly afterward, B2Z will let you know if you qualify for a small business insurance policy. If you qualify, we proceed to personalize a policy for your business and set up a convenient payment schedule. You review the policy, then purchase online. Business insurance for cleaning businesses doesn’t get much easier than that!