Dry Cleaners

A Laundry List of Coverages for Dry Cleaners

Why Do You Need Dry Cleaning Business Insurance?

What happens if your dry cleaning processes or chemicals damage a customer’s clothing? Your customer’s clothing is stolen? Your facility is damaged by fire? An employee or customer slips and falls in your establishment? An employee becomes ill from exposure to dry cleaning chemicals? A newlywed files a lawsuit claiming that you destroyed her wedding gown? Your business is forced to close temporarily due to fire damage?

How do you protect your business from these unexpected calamities? Insurance for dry cleaners from B2Z helps prepare you to handle fires, accidents and other events that may damage your business. When your dry cleaning business is properly covered, you can stop worrying about things you can’t control and concentrate on running your business.

What Kind of Insurance Coverage Do You Need?

The right dry cleaning business insurance protects your business, your employees, and your customers and their properties. Working with B2Z Insurance ensures you get the right coverage at the right price—your way. Dry cleaners’ needs are best met by these insurances:

  1. Business Owner’s Policy (BOP).

    A BOP for small dry cleaning businesses gives you peace of mind. This policy is a convenient, cost-effective combination of general liability and property insurance. It covers fire, theft, other property damage, as well as injury claims filed by customers. A BOP also covers lost income due to covered events as well as advertising claims.

  2. Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

    Dry cleaners in particular need workers’ comp because long-term exposure to the chemicals used in the dry cleaning process could potentially cause employees to sicken. Employees may also suffer slip-and-fall, repetitive motion and lifting injuries. Workers’ comp helps pay your employees’ medical bills and missed wages, and it covers court costs and legal fees if you are sued. Note that almost every state requires businesses to purchase worker’s comp coverage.

  3. Other Policies.

    Additional insurance for dry cleaners is available. Consider purchasing professional liability, environmental liability and commercial auto coverage to protect you and your business from some of the events most likely to impact your business.

We Know You Have Questions .... You Know We Have the Answers

  1. Q
    How do I get dry cleaning business insurance?

    B2Z Insurance is different. We strive to make business insurance understandable and to make the application, quotation, purchasing and claims processes easy and convenient. Based on your answers to a few questions about your dry cleaning business, we determine if we can cover you. If so, we personalize a policy that meets your needs and, if you approve, you simply purchase your policy online. You can also make payments and file and manage claims online—from anywhere at any time.

  2. Q
    How much does insurance for dry cleaners cost?

    While we would like to provide a cost upfront, we cannot. Insurance is not one-size-fits-all, at least not at B2Z. We personalize policies so you pay only for what you need based on your business location, company size and the amount of coverage required to fully protect your business. To obtain a quick quote please click on the button below. 

How much will a B2Z policy cost your business? Answer a few questions and find out ASAP!