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Why Do You Need House Cleaning Business Insurance?

What happens if an employee or a customer becomes sick from the toxins in a cleaning solution? An employee breaks an ankle after slipping on a wet floor? Your cleaning solutions cause damage to your customer’s surfaces or carpeting? Your equipment damages your customer’s valuable property? Your employee accidentally destroyed the customer’s clothing while doing laundry? Your equipment is damaged by fire or stolen from your office?

So many things can go wrong! B2Z offers residential cleaning insurance to help reduce the risks that expose your business to costly liability while providing you the means to get your equipment fixed or replaced and pay the medical bills of employees and customers hurt while on the job. With residential cleaning service insurance, you can stop worrying about what might happen and hone in on making your cleaning business a success.

Whether your business is focused on house cleaning, housekeeping and maid services, or carpet cleaning, you need the right home cleaning insurance to properly protect your business, your employees, and your customers and their properties. You need B2Z Insurance to ensure you get the right coverage at the right price—your way.

What Kind of Insurance Coverage Do You Need?

Insurance for a home cleaning business consists of policies that cover the risks you are most likely to encounter. A residential cleaning service’s needs are best covered by:

  1. Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

    Practically every business in every state is required to purchase Workers’ Compensation coverage. A workers’ comp policy helps pay the medical bills and missed wages of your employees if they become ill or injured on the job. While employees who receive benefits cannot sue you for injuries or lost income, they can sue for things that are not covered. Workers’ comp protects employers in this case by paying for legal fees and court costs.

  2. Business Owner’s Policy (BOP).

    This type of policy is not required, but it is highly recommended for small cleaning service businesses. By combining property with general liability coverage, the BOP is a convenient, cost-effective choice for small businesses. Any small cleaning business with an office, equipment that can be damaged or stolen and a chance of being sued—which describes virtually every cleaning business—should purchase a Business Owner’s Policy.

For House Cleaners, Diya Recommends:

Professional Liability Insurance protects your cleaning business from work mistake claims. Cyber Insurance helps reduce the impact of a cyber attack and hired and non-owned automobile insurance is needed if you use your personal car to pick up supplies.

We Know You Have Questions .... You Know We Have the Answers

  1. Q
    How do I get residential cleaning insurance?

    Purchasing insurance has never been easier! We begin by asking you a few simple questions about your cleaning service business. If you qualify for B2Z Insurance coverage, we personalize a policy that meets your business needs. If you approve of the coverage and the payment schedule, you purchase your policy or policies online—on any Internet-enabled device from anywhere and at any time.

  2. Q
    How much does house cleaning business insurance cost?

    B2Z Insurance is affordable, but the cost varies for each business. Policy cost is based on the size of your business (revenue and number of employees), your location and your coverage requirements. We provide fast quotes; simply click on the button below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How much will a B2Z policy cost your business? Answer a few questions and find out ASAP!