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Why Do Construction Businesses Need Insurance?

For everything that goes right on the jobsite, hundreds of things can go wrong. No matter how careful and professional builders are when they work, there’s always the potential that an accident or mistake can lead to big problems. For example, an employee could be injured falling from a high place or a malfunctioning tool. Thieves can sneak onto a site in the dead of night and walk away with valuable equipment or materials. A client may sue claiming breach of contract or shoddy workmanship. 

Having business insurance for construction doesn’t prevent these unfortunate incidents from occurring, but it helps ensure that they won’t cause permanent financial damage to your enterprise. B2Z Insurance offers customized contractor business insurance policies that protect small businesses like yours. With our help, you can have coverage that meets all your needs and keeps you from worrying about whether or not you’re protected. If your company qualifies, you can have affordable, personalized construction insurance that covers all the bases for it and your employees. 

Examples of the types of companies we cover include: 

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    What Kind of Insurance Coverage Do You Need?

    Construction companies large and small need to have the right level of coverage to protect them if the unthinkable happens. No matter what form the unexpected takes, having these basic types of insurance can assure that you won’t be caught completely off-guard:

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    How do I get insurance for my construction company?

    At B2Z Insurance, we’re committed to helping the owners of smaller businesses gain security and peace of mind. We want you to be confident that your policies will cover you in virtually any situation. That’s why we personalize our offerings to meet your requirements. Just answer a few simple questions about your company and, if we can cover you, we will put together a customized solution. We make it easy to approve and purchase your coverage, make payments, and manage your claims online.

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    How much will my policies cost?

    It’s nearly impossible to give you a ballpark figure without knowing more about your business and your needs. The cost to you will depend a lot on where you operate, your company’s size, and how much protection you think you’ll need. Click on the button below to get a fast, accurate quote based on a few basic questions. 

    How much should you expect to pay to protect your construction business? Click here to answer a few questions and find out ASAP!