Need Help Balancing Costs and Coverage?

Why Do You Need Bookkeeper Business Insurance?

What happens if your facility is damaged by a fire? Your office equipment is stolen or lost? You are sued for misrepresentation in advertising? A client is injured in your office? Your client’s property or information is lost or damaged while in your possession?

While bookkeeper insurance has a monetary cost, have you considered the cost of not purchasing bookkeeping business insurance? Fire, theft, lawsuits and other events may cause your business to close its doors temporarily or even permanently—unless the business is properly covered. Don’t risk your livelihood to save a few cents. Let B2Z Insurance provide peace of mind so you continue keeping the books—and your bookkeeping business.

What Kind of Insurance Coverage Do You Need?

Bookkeeping insurance is necessary if you own or lease your office, your office contains valuable equipment or other assets, and your clients visit your office in person. Your basic needs are met with these types of coverage:

  1. Business Owner’s Policy (BOP).

    A combination of commercial property and general liability insurance plus additional coverages, the Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) covers a range of contingencies. It covers property damage to your building and its contents, equipment loss due to theft, damage to a client’s property caused by you or your employees, lost income due to a covered event, bodily injury to clients while in your office and lawsuits arising from advertising claims.

  2. Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

    Required in almost every state, Workers’ Compensation protects employees and employers in the event of illness or injury on the job. It helps pay the injured employee’s medical bills, covers lost wages and eliminates the business owner’s liability if the injured worker files a lawsuit. Steep penalties and fines are levied on businesses that willfully fail to obtain the required workers’ comp coverage.

For Bookkeepers, Diya Recommends:

Work mistakes happen, and typically, Professional Liability Insurance covers those claims! And a cyber attack could be catastrophic with all that data, so Cyber Insurance may help.

We Know You Have Questions …. You Know We Have the Answers

  1. Q
    How do I get bookkeeping business insurance?

    B2Z Insurance wants small business owners to feel comfortable that their new policy or policies will protect their bookkeeping company from the losses they are most likely to experience. That’s why we personalize each policy to meet every client’s specific needs. Simply answer a few basic questions about your business, and, if we can cover you, we develop a policy that meets your needs. You can approve and purchase your policy, make payments and even manage claims online.

  2. Q
    How much does bookkeeper insurance cost?

    We cannot provide a cost now because every business has unique characteristics, and every business owner has specific needs - both affect the cost of insurance. Insurance policy costs are based on the location and size of the business as well as the amount of coverage desired. For a quick, accurate quote please click on the button below and provide the information requested. We’ll get back to you with a price shortly.

How much will a B2Z policy cost your business? Answer a few questions and find out ASAP!