Insurance for Outpatient Care Centers

Recommended Treatment: The Right Business Insurance

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Why do you need outpatient center insurance?

An office fire, a patient slip and fall, or an employee lawsuit could put your outpatient care center business at risk. B2Z can help! We offer coverage that provides the financial support to repair or replace your equipment, and may reduce your costs for liability and other property claims depending on the coverage you choose.

What outpatient care center insurance coverage do you need?

There are a variety of coverage options available for outpatient care centers. We recommend these insurance options:

Business Owner's Policy (BOP)

A business owner’s policy is crucial for outpatient care center businesses. BOP insurance combines general liability and property damage coverage into one policy—it’s a convenient route for comprehensive coverage for your outpatient healthcare center. It generally extends to cover property damage, loss from catastrophic events, and liability incidents like:

  1. A fire destroys some medical equipment
  2. A patient slips and falls in a hallway
Workers’ Compensation Insurance

You have a solid team of employees from the front desk to the care rooms, and most states require workers’ comp insurance (WC) even if employees are part-time. Consider the high cost of on-the-job employee injuries and illnesses to your care center. WC covers medical bills, lost wages, and legal fees related to employee lawsuits against your outpatient center. WC can help if:

  1. An employee falls when helping a patient stand
  2. Equipment tips over and injures an employee

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We Know You Have Questions...You Know We Have the Answers

  1. Q
    How do I get insurance for outpatient care centers?

    B2Z Insurance is your one-stop-shop for insurance plans to fit your healthcare center’s small business needs. Depending on the coverage you choose as an outpatient care center owner, you can reduce the financial burden from theft, accidents, fire, etc. To get started, answer a few basic questions about your outpatient care business and if we can cover you, choose the coverage that fits.

  2. Q
    How much does outpatient care center insurance cost?

    Calculating your policy premium takes the unique factors of your outpatient care center business into account, so it is fully customized for you. You may be asked about your care center’s location, the number of full- and part-time employees, and how long you’ve been in the healthcare business, etc. To get a quote in minutes, click on the Customize Your Quote button, answer the questions and choose your coverage type. Then pick a policy start date, complete your account profile, and set up payment information. At B2Z, we understand that protecting your outpatient clinic and your care center team is of the highest importance!

  3. Q
    How do I cancel my old insurance policy?

    Leave it to B2Z! We can cancel your old policy for you when you opt in to our included hassle-free cancelation service during your purchase.

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