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What happens if a client falls while visiting your office to discuss a new listing? A fire damages your interior design office? Someone breaks into your office and steals or damages equipment? You are sued for false advertising? You or your employees are involved in an on-site accident? Those examples illustrate some of the things that can go wrong and end up costing your business thousands of dollars or more if you don’t have adequate real estate agency or brokerage insurance.

B2Z Insurance offers personalized business insurance to those in the real estate sector including real estate agencies and interior decorating companies. Our policies are designed to help protect small businesses in this industry from the many things that can go wrong while conducting business. If you qualify, we will provide your small business with one or more personalized real estate company insurance policies. We strive to develop affordable policies that cover your business and employees while meeting all your coverage needs.

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  1. Q
    Why do I need insurance for my small real estate business?

    Owners of small businesses in your industry need real estate business insurance to protect them financially in the event of on-site accidents, stolen or damaged equipment, office break-ins, property damage due to fire and more. These risks can happen on your watch, with no warning, while you and your employees are going about your everyday business. If your company is not protected with the financial support that insurance provides, you could find yourself paying out large sums of money which may jeopardize your business.

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    What does small business insurance cover for my real estate business?

    Workers’ Compensation, required in almost every state, covers medical fees for injuries and illnesses suffered by your employees while on the job and may help cover legal fees if you are sued as a result of such an injury or illness. A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) protects your business and property from bodily injury and property damage claims, protects your office and equipment and replaces lost income due to covered property damage. It also covers customer injuries that occur at your office. You can add coverages for professional liability, auto liability, data breaches and more.

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    How do I purchase small business insurance for my real estate business?

    Contact us to answer a few basic questions about your business, and B2Z will let you know very shortly if you qualify for one or more small business insurance policies. If you qualify, we personalize a policy for your business and set up a convenient payment schedule. After your thorough coverage review, you can purchase your policy online. Real estate business insurance doesn’t get any easier than that!