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Are You Shopping Around for Retail Insurance?

What happens if a customer or employee trips and falls or is otherwise injured while in your store? Something happens to your incoming product shipment? You sell a product that harms a customer? Your building sustains property damage, and you have to shut down for a time? Your business is the victim of a break-in? Those are just a few examples of events that can cost your business thousands of dollars or more without small business retail store insurance coverage.

B2Z Insurance offers personalized retail shop insurance to help protect small businesses from a range of undesirable incidents. Let our trusted retail insurance company provide the business insurance you need to deal with potential losses. If you qualify, our professionals will get right to work developing the optimal policy or policies for your business.

Among the retail companies we work with are:

We Know You Have Questions .... You Know We Have the Answers

  1. Q
    Why do I need insurance for my retail business?

    Small business owners need retail insurance to protect them financially in the event that an accident occurs in the store, to replace inventory losses resulting from theft or damage, to defend against a covered lawsuit, and more. These incidents can occur, without warning, in the course of daily business. Without coverage, you may be required to pay sums of money so huge that you might not be able to stay in business.

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    What does small business insurance cover for my retail business?

    The most common retail insurance policies are the Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) and Workers’ Compensation. BOP covers damage to commercial personal property and equipment as well as liability for bodily harm, while workers’ comp protects your employees if they suffer a work-related injury or illness and may help cover lawsuit expenses arising from such events. Various BOP add-ons are available to cover contingencies not covered in the basic policies, such as losses due to data breaches, protection for hired and non-owned vehicles, and more.

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    How do I purchase small business insurance for my retail business?

    B2Z is a different kind of retail insurance agency, one that makes understanding and purchasing business insurance quick and easy. Simply click on the Request a Quote button, answer a few basic questions about your business, and we’ll let you know ASAP if you qualify for a B2Z small business insurance policy. If you qualify, we proceed to personalize a policy for your business and set up a convenient payment schedule. After your thorough review, you can purchase your policy online. Retail insurance doesn’t get any easier than that!