Holiday Business Closure Tips

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Holiday Business Closure Tips

| 12.02.21
Susan G.

With the holidays quickly approaching, you may wonder what the small business best practices are for a holiday closure. Office closures for the holidays impact your clients, customers, vendors, and employees. What is the right way to handle being closed for the holidays from communication through locking up? Read on!

How to Close Your Business for a Holiday

Notify clients, customers, and vendors. Reduce the possibility of complaints and disappointment by giving your customers and vendors a heads up ahead of time. Consider these tips:

  • Put up a sign with your upcoming holiday hours a few weeks before your planned days off.
  • Update your website, Google Business Profile, and Facebook page with your upcoming holiday hours and closures.  
  • As you speak with vendors in the weeks leading up to the holiday, let them know.
  • Try to ensure no packages or deliveries will arrive while your business is closed. 
  • Update your office voicemail greeting with the information.
  • Make sure your email address has an “out of office” notification.

Notify employees. Your employees deserve as much notice as possible if the office or business will be closed and they will not be working that day. According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), it is up to the employer whether an employee gets paid for a holiday they don’t work as long as the holiday is planned in advance. Whether you’re offering holiday pay or not, it is best to let your employees know. Communicate when your business will be back open and schedule your employees ahead of time.

Consider security. If you have a security system, set a reminder to ensure it is on while your business is closed. If you have security personnel instead, notify them about your planned closure and set expectations. This is a great time to confirm that either the security system or personnel have your emergency contact information. 

Make a “day before” list. It is a good idea to keep a running list of those small tasks you’ll need to complete before you leave for the day. These may include:
Turn off any lights you usually keep off when you close.

  • Turn off the printer or copier.
  • Finish running the dishwasher before you leave.
  • Reduce your thermostat temperature setting.
  • Close the blinds.
  • Make sure any sensitive paperwork and equipment are locked away.
  • Lock the desk drawers and filing cabinets.
  • Set the security system.
  • Lock the doors.

Enjoy your holiday! You and your employees have earned the time off. With a bit of preparation and consideration, you’ve got a solid plan in place and can rest easier. You’ll be able to return refreshed and ready for a new year!

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