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Our Pet Peeve? A Business Without Insurance!

Why Do You Need Pet Care Business Insurance?

What happens if a dog in your care bites someone? A pet is lost on your watch? Your grooming equipment is stolen? Office equipment is damaged during a fire or break-in? Expensive surgical tools are stolen or exam tables are damaged? An employee or client is injured in your facility?

This is just a sampling of the things that can happen to your business—events that can cost you a lot of money without the proper pet business insurance. B2Z offers affordable, personalized pet services insurance, including pet sitting business insurance, to help protect small businesses from many of the events that can negatively impact their companies. If your company qualifies for our products, we offer you insurance for your pet business that provides exactly the coverage you need.

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    Why do I need insurance for my pet services business?

    Owners need insurance for their pet business to protect them financially in case a pet is lost, someone gets hurt on the job, their facility is damaged by fire or during a break-in, equipment is stolen or damaged, the company gets sued and more. An unprotected business is liable for costs so large that staying in business may be difficult if not impossible.

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    What does small business insurance cover for my pet services business?

    Workers’ Compensation insurance for pet shops, pet services and veterinary businesses is required in most states. This type of insurance covers medical fees arising from employee injuries and illnesses that occur on the job as well as legal fees from any lawsuits that may result from the illness or injury. Every business owner should also purchase a Business Owner’s Policy or BOP. A combination of property and liability insurance plus additional coverages, the BOP provides financial support for covered property damage and bodily injury events. Some business owners purchase additional coverage to protect against data breaches, professional liability, equipment breakdowns and other losses.

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    How do I purchase small business insurance for my pet services business?

    You begin by choosing the insurance company that makes understanding coverage as easy as possible, offers professional, personalized and high-quality policies, and allows you to purchase and manage insurance at any time, from anywhere. That company is B2Z Insurance. All we ask is that you answer a few questions about your business to see if you qualify. If you do, we personalize a policy that meets your coverage needs, one that you can purchase quickly and conveniently online. Getting pet services insurance has never been easier!