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  • Hassle-Free Cancelation—save time by having us cancel your old policy

I recently inherited a commercial property in Wisconsin...I had the old policy in the original owners name but had no idea what I really needed. Well I contacted b2z via a recommendation and...the policy is a better price than the old policy and has more coverage to boot. I definitely recommend talking to them...

Daniel S., Small Business Owner

Why do you need real estate agent insurance?

A client trips on a doormat, thieves target your office, or a client sues—putting your entire real estate agency at risk. This is where B2Z can help! We offer coverage that provides the financial support to repair or replace your office equipment, and may reduce your costs for liability and other property claims depending on the coverage you choose.

What real estate agency insurance coverage do you need?

There are a variety of coverage options available for real estate agents. We recommend these insurance options:

Business Owner's Policy (BOP)

This type of coverage is highly recommended. A BOP protects real estate agents from many unexpected events that can negatively impact their businesses. A BOP combines property and general liability insurance into a convenient and cost-effective package. A BOP generally extends to cover property damage, loss from catastrophic events, and liability incidents like:

  1. A fire breaks out in your realty office
  2. Homeowner property is damaged during a showing
Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation (WC) is required by most states if your agency has employees. This coverage protects your employees who are injured or become sick while on the job by helping to pay their medical bills and replace wages lost due to at-home recovery. It also protects you, as the agency owner, from related employee lawsuits filed against your business. WC can help if:

  1. An office manager drops a box of paper on their foot
  2. An employee trips when running to get the phone

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We Know You Have Questions .... You Know We Have the Answers

  1. Q
    How do I get real estate agent insurance?

    Purchasing insurance online is easier than you think—especially when you buy from B2Z Insurance. We ask you a few questions about your business, and if we determine that we can cover you, we personalize a policy that meets your needs. You review the policy and payment schedule, and if you like what you see, simply purchase online at a time that is most convenient for you.

  2. Q
    How much does insurance for real estate agents cost?

    B2Z Insurance policies are not one-size-fits-all, which means that we cannot provide a cost now. Several factors go into developing an optimal plan for your needs, and the amount of coverage you require affects your cost. The cost is also based partly on your location, annual revenue and the size of your staff. Please click on the button below to start the quotation process.

  3. Q
    How do I cancel my old insurance policy?

    Leave it to B2Z! We can cancel your old policy for you when you opt in to our included hassle-free cancelation service during your purchase.

How much will a B2Z policy cost your business? Answer a few questions and find out ASAP!