Hobby And Craft Shops

Doing Business Without Insurance is Just No Fun

Why Do You Need Hobby Shop Insurance?

What would you do if one of your employees falls while stocking shelves? If someone is shocked while setting up a model train display? What if an expensive set of rare trading cards is stolen while you’re not looking? Are you prepared if someone inside your store slips on a wet floor and is injured? What about potential floor or fire damages?

Fortunately, B2Z offers hobby store insurance coverage that can protect one from any risky situations that could expose you and your business to liabilities such as these and more. With hobby shop insurance from us, you won’t have to worry about paying for repairs to your property or settlements out of pocket. Moreover, you can stop worrying about the unexpected and concentrate on taking care of your customers.

With hobby store insurance from us, you’ll have what you need to safeguard one’s business, property and staff. Your store should be the first place that customers think of when they want to find something fun. How can an individual be expected to have a good time and unwind when there’s a cloud of worry and anxiety hanging over his or her head?

What Kind of Hobby And Craft Store Insurance Coverage Do You Need?

With coverage from us, you’ll have the saving throw you’ll need to avoid many of the most dangerous risks one may encounter outside of a dungeon or dragon. A hobby shop’s needs typically are covered by:

  1. Business Owner’s Policy (BOP).

    Although this is not required, it is highly recommended because of the extra layer of protection it offers. A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) combine commercial property and general liability insurance as well as additional coverages in a single cost-effective policy. This means your building, inventory and equipment are covered in the event of any damages or loss. These policies also include any interruptions due to unexpected events, advertising claims and customer injuries.

  2. Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

    Workers’ Compensation insurance is required in most states, even for part-time employees. This will cover medical bills and partial missed wages for any staffers who are injured while on the job. This policy also helps pay for legal costs if you are sued for such injuries.

For Hobby & Craft Shops, Diya Recommends:

Diya recommends cyber insurance for your hobby or craft shop. 43% of small businesses have been targeted by ransomware. Your store is vulnerable, too. Cyber Insurance helps protect your hobby or craft shop against financial damages from data breaches and other cyber crime.

We Know You Have Questions .... You Know We Have the Answers

  1. Q
    How do I get hobby shop insurance?

    We make it easy to be covered. Just give us some basic information about the store, and we will let you know whether or not we can cover you. If you qualify, we put together a policy that meets all of one’s needs. Best of all, you can complete the purchase entirely online — anytime, anywhere.

  2. Q
    How much will small business insurance cost me?

    Our coverage is affordable, but aside from that there isn’t much we can tell you about how much you’ll spend without knowing more about one’s business. The cost will be based on where you are, your business’s size and requirements. Click on the button below to get a fast quote.

How much will a B2Z policy cost your business? Answer a few questions and find out ASAP!